"Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is"
- Chris Anderson


The rise of the online domain through the internet has coalesced the online and the actual world together. Now, almost two out of three people anywhere find the internet to be a go-to place for information, and it even goes further beyond than that. 70% percent of employers find the rejection of an applicant justified based upon what they find online, and almost 80% people who read online reviews, make their decision based upon them. So, it is pretty clear that businesses are required to maintain an online presence where information is exchanged rapidly at all times during the day. Any bad publicity or report have now a very real possibility of hurting sales over a very long period of time.

Businesses also need to be engaged with their audience- in order to deal with misleads and reputation sabotage. Any ORM service is exactly that safeguarding any business from getting their reputation completely damaged. It is also concerned greatly about what the most obvious and apparent results about the business actually are upon the online domain. They can have a significant impact upon a wide base of audience, depending upon whether their impression was positive or negative. This is at the core of Online Reputation Management whereby effective marketing services safeguard and protect the online perception of the brand and all its essential concerns.